The Ballantyne Breakfast Club

Dedicated to the belief that

"An Informed Community is a Better Community"

The Ballantyne Breakfast Club will meet on Saturday, April 12th at 9AM in the Fairway Ballroom at the

Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.

The focus of this meeting will be Mecklenburg County, City of Charlotte and CMS Budgets. Our guest presenters will be Michael Bryant, Director of Budget & Management for Mecklenburg County, Randy Harrington, Director of Budget & Evaluation for the City of Charlotte and CMS Superintendent Dr.Heath Morrison.

Joining them will be Senator Bob Rucho who will give the meeting a general update on topics related to state government and pending road projects. As always once presentations are completed we will open questions from the floor.

The MC for this meeting will be our District 7 City Council Representative, Ed Driggs.

This meeting is being co-hosted by the Ballantyne Chapter of the Camber of Commerce and refreshments are being provided by the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.

Meeting are open to everyone with no RSVP required. It is suggested that you arrive about 8:30 AM so you

can have time to socialize and enjoy the complimentary refreshments.


NOTICE....While at the meeting please take time to sign up for a complimentary meal being offered to Ballantyne Breakfast Club by a local restaurant.


The March Priorities Meeting was very well attended and certainly provided those that attended with the opportunity to meet with a range of officials. Our thanks to both the public and the representatives who participated.

We had a fantastic meeting with a overflow attendance in January with over 150 attending. A special thanks to our guest speakers, Barry Fabyan from the Bissell Companies, Ted Hill from Vision Ventures who share exciting information about Ballantyne Village, Chuck Roskovich from Publix, Chris Thomas and Peter B. Pappas who discussed the Waverly project and Sharon Campbell for Charlotte Premium Outlet.

Thanks also to Peter Grills and the staff of the Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge for hosting this meeting.



Thank you for your attendance and support of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club which is in its 14th year.

Also to Warren Cooksey our former District 7 City Council Representative for his support.

Thanks you District 7 City Council Representative Ed Driggs for

your kind comments about the Breakfast Club at the meeting.

Last but no least thank you State House Rep. Bill Brawley for your update on traffic funding at this meeting.



About the Ballantyne Breakfast Club

Since 2001 the goal of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club has been to provide the South Charlotte Ballantyne area residents, business leaders, developers, elected officials and services providers with a forum for the exchange of information.

The founders and supporters of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club are committed to this exchange of information so that our area can grow and prosper. Meetings are open to all and there is no cost associated with attending a meeting or being a member.

 We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is interested in learning more about this exciting and dynamic area of Charlotte to attend our meetings.


To see some photos of the 2013 Ballantyne Festival go to Dates & Topics Page

The 2013 Ballantyne Festival set a new record with attendance throughout the day numbering almost 5,000 people.

What a great turnout and there Ballantyne Festival Committee is excited about what we can do to make it even

better in 2014. Thank you to everyone who attended.


Some Exciting News

MSN Real Estate has just reported that based on data Ballantyne Neighborhoods were

the 5th most popular ones visited in 2013.


Please visit this web site for the latest information on meeting dates as changes will be posted here as necessary.

if you have any questions or need information about the Ballantyne Breakfast Club please contact me.

Ray Eschert, Founder

704 651-1237 /